Stop $1 billion in cuts to schools & services

Prop 5 takes upwards of $1 billion each year from schools and local services – from fire and emergency response to health care – to give new tax breaks to a select few Californians.

Puts local school funding at risk – up to $1 billion dollars lost from schools annually
Threatens public safety, emergency services, health care, and other local priorities
Provides no help for families struggling in severe housing crisis
Is only funded by the CA Association of Realtors because of the huge windfall it gives real estate interests
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Teachers, firefighters, health care workers, seniors, housing and homelessness advocates, local governments and middle-class taxpayers all agree:


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September 10, 2018

Editorial: Prop. 5 Worsens Already-broken State Property Tax System
“California voters should reject Proposition 5, a regressive measure that would provide additional property tax breaks to long-term homeowners — especially those with pricier houses — who already pay significantly lower tax bills.”
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Educators say NO on Prop 5 because our students and communities can’t afford another round of budget cuts. Prop. 5 would take $1 billion or more each year from our classrooms and local services. Just as schools and communities are being made whole with the recently-adopted state budget, together we must protect the progress we’ve made for the sake of our students and working families. Join educators and vote No on 5.”

Eric Heins

President, California Teachers Association

Fighting wildfires that have plagued our communities in the past few years requires more – not less – local resources. We just can’t afford Prop 5.”

Brian Rice

President, California Professional Firefighters

Prop 5 represents a grave threat to California’s health care safety net on which we all rely, and to other vital local services that our most vulnerable families need to stay healthy. We need to strengthen our health care programs and services for all Californians, not slash them to give more tax advantages to a select few. Health care advocates say No on Prop 5.”

Anthony Wright

Executive Director, Health Access California

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